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tisdag 5 maj 2009

Rose's New Blog


We are creating a new blog, in Swedish and you are welcome to visit at this link:

Many Blessings,

Love ~ Ros

söndag 26 april 2009

It is good to be two!

I am growing, every day. It is hard work. And great work. Thank you for the support YOU are giving, by being ... you.

Blessings, Rose

torsdag 23 april 2009

tisdag 21 april 2009

I will be TWO YEARS on 25th of April !!

And if you come I will share my cake with you!! And if you don't I know you will enjoy with me anyway!

You can write me an email if you like, at this adress:

I Love this life. I hope you do too!!

Blessings, BirthdayRosy :-)

torsdag 16 april 2009

Support Rose Journey to IAHP

We are still collecting for Ros's revisit to IAHP at the end of May.

Half of cost is still needed.

You are very welcome to support Ros.
Also small donations are beautiful and make a change.


Rose account at Nordea Bank AB:
Pg 612 13 56 - 7
Internationally use the
IBAN nr 56 9500 0099 60 18 61 21 35 67
Swift code NDE ASE SS
Blessings & Love
Rose with family

About me

Mitt foto
I am here to Live Fully and I am very curious about Life!! I want to explore and unfold! I love my inclined floor my pictures and books when my sisters and brothers reads to me and have fun with me! Favoritfilmer My sisters say I will love 'Piglets Big Movie' (Winnies friend) but I don't know... Favoritmusik Mummy and Daddy singing and playing Nora Jones Salsa when I am doing patterning all of Kailash music Enya Deuter Alan Stivell... My sisters when they sing to me sometimes I love that! And I love the silence very much too. it's great music for me as many sounds get very noisy in my head but it's getting better too. Favoritböcker All books that have good clear pictures! My home-made books!


It is a very costly and big work to finance Ros' journeys
to and meetings with the IAHP. Naturally worth every single penny; cent;
dime; euro or krona put into it.
As it is absolutely the greatest thing
that we can give her to help her
in reaching her fullest potential.

There is no way to measure the worth
of making a child well.

For Ros it is the one way
out of her current state of blindness, immobility,
pore breathing and tube-feeding.

Ros is going to get a training-schedule specially designed
for all her senses for her brain to enable connection
where her brain-injury now makes it impossible.
It will take her and us lots of time, sweat and tears
to accomplish this. And Life is so Good!
Ros too wants to join the dancing and singing...!

YOU are welcome to help us help her,
by giving a donation to her fund.
Even a small donation is worth a lot to us.
Used only for the journeys to
and appointements with IAHP, and for specific
tools we need to get or build for her training,
(such as material for her inclined floor,

visual-training material).


SUPPORTED BY THE SWEDISH GOVERNMENT, in Norway it is fully payed by government, many other countries supports it with a large part too).

All is welcome ~ Deepest thanks

This is the account to use if you would like to help
in making this possible for Ros.

Nordea Bank AB
Pg 612 13 56-7

From abroad use :
IBAN nr SE 56 9500 0099 60 18 61 21 35 67
Swift code NDE ASE SS
Nordea Bank AB

For any questions concerning donations,
send an email:
OR CALL +46 736 81 97 07